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Hi, I’m Patricia

Welcome to Understanding Wines!
We cover all discussions and wine lessons for beginners!

This blog and channel are dedicated to wine lessons for beginners, wine discussions, and all sorts of other wine topics. I started this wine blog and Youtube channel is a way of taking an in-depth look into the wine world in a unique and easy to understand way.

Whether you’re a wine-newbie or a connoisseur, check it out! Firstly, the channel will include topics on wine lessons for beginners, wine regions, wine tasting, and wine history. I will also cover controversial topics and opinions.

I’ve been in the wine industry since I was 19, exploring all areas of the industry. After completing several wine certifications, including my Cape Wine Certificate, WSET3, ISG (Intermediate and Advanced), I decided to start my own thing.

In August of 2020, I quit my full-time job at a beautiful winery in Cape Town and started my career as a full-time wine writer and content creator. Keep in mind; this was right in the middle of a global pandemic, where our country had essentially entered a prohibition. If ever there was a time to get out of the hospitality industry, it was at this exact time.

Although it was a frightening leap, I thrived, and I haven’t looked back for a second. I’ve been writing for major companies, including Vivino and Troly.
How many get to say that they get to do what they love every day? I get to write about wine daily, teaching people about all aspects of wine. So, what better way to enhance this experience by starting a channel on wine lessons for beginners?

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I hope you have as much fun watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them! Happy drinking!